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At Ecoasis, we provide a wide range of landscape design, installation, and management services. We customize every project by synthesizing our client's needs with their property potential. Our versatile services are budget friendly, and can accommodate any sized space from apartment balcony to rural acreage.

Our holistic approach combines the of use organic landscaping with native plants to help you create your personal oasis, naturally. 


We design and install beautiful landscapes that work with nature, rather than against it. Here are just some examples of what Ecoasis can create for you: 


  • Native Plant Gardens

  • Pollinator Gardens

  • Wild Gardens & Meadowscapes

  • Food Gardens

  • Square-Foot & Raised Bed Gardens

  • Rain Gardens

pollinator garden.jpeg

Invasive Species Management

Non-native invasive species are one of the top contributors to biodiversity loss, and are notoriously difficult to contain. Relying on the latest research and proven management methods, we provide site-specific maintenance plans and management services to mitigate and control the spread of invasives.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

We believe that humans and wildlife can coexist peacefully on our shared landscape. We can help manage problematic wildlife holistically to keep you, your pets, and/or your crops safe. 


  • Bear / Skunk / Deer Proofing 

  • Mosquito & Insect Control

  • Garden Pest Control

  • Deterrents & Barriers


Pond & Wetland 

Ponds and wetlands are a great way of creating a serene space, while providing crucial habitat for wildlife​. Our designs are:


  • Tailored to property size & purpose

  • Species specific, to maximize use & efficiency

  • Beneficial to amphibians, mammals, and birds

Soil Amendment

A healthy soil is the literal foundation for a healthy, productive yard. We provide organic, chemical free solutions for:


  • Compost Startup & Application

  • Erosion Control

  • Drainage Issues

  • Nutrient Deficiency

  • Aeration & Structure


General Maintenance

 A variety of services, tailored to fit your needs and budget:


  • Seasonal Prep and Cleanup

  • Gardening

  • Weeding

  • Pruning

  • Edging & Trimming

  • Levelling & Small Retaining Walls 

  • & More!

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