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About Us

Rooted in the science of ecological restoration, Ecoasis brings nature back to the residential doorstep and redefines the standard of landscaping. We create environmentally sustainable spaces that are functional and beneficial to the people that use it and the wildlife that rely on it. 

Our Philosophy

Climate change and habitat destruction are the leading causes of biodiversity loss in the world today. Birds, pollinators, and insects - all integral to our food supply and ecosystems - are the most directly impacted by human activity. Although the conservation of large, natural areas is beneficial, it is sadly not enough to mitigate our ongoing problems. By restoring small patches of residential and urban properties back into ecologically functional states, we can provide crucial habitat and movement corridors to those that need it most. 


At Ecoasis, we believe that the sum of many small parts can lead to a big change. Our goal is to partner with those that want to make a small difference and help them create a bigger impact.    


Mission Statement

To increase biodiversity and ecosystem resilience by restoring ecological compositions and functions in fragmented urban landscapes. 

To create an engaging and interactive environment for clients and land users from which they can directly participate in, and benefit from. 


Who We Are

Ecoasis is owned and operated by Eryk Chamberland, who holds a Bachelor's of Science in Ecological Restoration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and a diploma in Ecosystem Management from Sir Sandford Fleming College. Working mainly in parks and reserves, his career in ecology has brought him from the remote forests of the Yukon to the  bushvelds of South Africa. His passion for environmental stewardship, combined with the knowledge and experience gained from working in managed ecosystems, serve as the inspiration and foundation for Ecoasis and its broader mission.  

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